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Xiuhan’s sweet hug before leaving SM building T_T ©biiwiid

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for han | au in which minseok lives through his mother’s dream of becoming a pianist and lu han runs through life and let it covers him with few cuts on his face and bruises on his skin.

minseok first sees lu han during one of his 2 o’clock private piano lessons. the abandoned building across hasn’t been particularly interesting but there’s a flash of silver and a boy running on the rooftop with few others hot on his heels, chasing him. minseok has tried to peer through the glass window to catch more than just glimpses even though he’s been told not to care. delinquents, his parents would have frowned, you don’t want to be involved with them, minseok. next to him, his tutor has demanded his attention back and minseok finds himself baffled at the fact that he has played the wrong note for a piece he has known so well. he stares at black and white keys and tries to not indulge the presence of a nameless silver haired boy that has already stolen a thought too many in his mind. 

some days later though, minseok will learn lu han’s name and he will come to know of a heart that has been black and blue. he’ll give chase until he finds that he doesn’t mind the wind running wild through his hair and minseok presses chaos and plays the notes of falling on monochrome keys, the first piece he ever writes with his whole self. 

in this au, lu han makes his steps go slower and let a hand catches him by the wrist, let it takes a hold of his own wounded hand.